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Loneliness, And Its Effects On You.

Studies have shown that loneliness can cause stress levels to rise and can weaken the immune system. Lonely people also tend to have less healthy lifestyles, drinking more alcohol, eating more fattening food, and exercising less than those who are not lonely.

This statement in part was writtenBy Johannah Cornblatt | Newsweek Web ExclusiveAug 21, 2009

the title of this article goes into great depth about the how this emotion affects us. And with the relationship break ups, too many times people become lonely, and that's not good for you. It's not that being alone is bad, it's not having someone in your life, a friend, a relative, that you can confide in, talk about life, music, or whatever. This article is worth the read.

The separation of two people can have a negative affect on you and your ability to heal. You need people in your life. Experiencing loss is a natural part of life, unfortunately. Nothing is forever in the world we live in. Nothing.

But as we experience the losses in our life, whether it is from a lost love, or just life's problems, it is important to have a person in your life that you can talk with. By doing so, you become more resilient, a stronger person, to go on with life. And the benefits of your health is beneficial.

By going through lost love and life's problems, this loss takes a toll on us physically and mentally. You have to talk with someone that you can rely on. You can't keep things like this bottled up inside, as it will play havoc on your health and well being.

I know that accepting losses in your life is not easy, even with a friend, but believe me it helps you more then you know.

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