...love remembers

Love After 40

I get many people who ask me questions about love after 40. As we all age and grow up, there are things within us that start to change for many. In the 40's decade you tend to reflect on your life, possibly and more so probably, you have changed to a degree on how you look at yourself, life, happiness, and thoughts on all kinds of subjects.

You may change, but you can't change nature (love). Does it make sense that loving someone when you are 15 or 45 is going to be different? Your heart will still pound, maybe sweat a little, get nervous around them, and probably still fumble your words a little. Of course the promise of love isn't going to change.

Over 40 dating means it's not the process that changes, it's you that changes. Meaning you are now more mature, and dreaming is not so prevalent as you have grown up and now know what reality is. You have responsibilities. You both do. Baggage is now there to some degree and when you were younger, not so much.

The games people play, like the song done by the Spinners back in the seventies, is still there, sorry to tell you. For the most part you will find that many have grown up, for there are still some that will play those games, and beak your heart. So be careful, as love remembers.

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