...love remembers

Love And Hate

Love and hate. Two words meaning the same thing when it comes to romantic relationships. Did you know, that you can't hate someone that much, unless you love them that much.

In a romantic relationship you are going to have your ups and downs like anybody else. However, there are going to be arguments, disagreements, and breakups.

And during these times, and especially breakups, you will lash out and tell someone you hate them for doing what they have done to you. You feel that hate, because you love that person that much. And with unrequited love, you will feel love and hate.

For the person who breaks up with someone, you are probably going to hear how your, now ex, hates you. They may lash out and say things to try and hurt you as much as humanly possible. This is because you have just devastated them. You need to keep quiet and take it.

You have just taken someone's life and torn it apart. You cannot expect this person not take this lightly. And be warned, what comes around, goes around. And you may be the one who gets dumped one day.

For whatever reason your relationship has ended, make sure you are as kind and empathetic as possible. These feelings are normal, and justified many times. Partners feel this because, love remembers.