...love remembers

Love At First Site?

Does love at first site exist? Does it really happen? Or, is it an old wives tale? We have heard about it since we knew what love is. But has it happened to you? If so, tell us your story below and share it.

Ask anyone, and many will say it is true. But there are skeptics, as those who felt love at first site, who also experienced unrequited love, don't have any use for the theory. And I don't blame them as someone who has been hurt in love have no use for what they might deem, as nonsense.

But, I think there is something to be said about the "magic" described in the movie "Sleepless In Seattle". That moment when two people meet and it just feels right. It doesn't make any sense to you and you wonder if the other person is feeling the same way?

You feel "comfortable" with them. A feeling as if you have know them all your life, or a feeling as though you knew each other and have met before. A feeling of coming home. Some people feel, it was meant to be, as if it was your destiny.

Is it really true? Or, is it just you two were compatible mates?It is the romantic side of love we believe in such things. C'mon, love at first sight! What a great story to tell your children some day!

Do we dream this up to make the union between two people that much more special? Or, does everyone feel that way, and some make it and call it love at first site, and the ones that don't go through the breaking up and and experience the hurting that unrequited love brings.

I guess we will never know for sure but some would swear by it. For me, I am a believer. Hold on to romantic thoughts such as this, even if your relationship doesn't work out because ...love remembers.