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Love Is The Power

Love is the power, also a song title sang by one of the most romantic singers of all time, Teddy Pendagrass. It really is and he sang this in the 80's.

So many people I think know this premise, but many ignore. This power comes from very deep in your soul, and actually feels like a power you never felt before.

Many people have the opportunity to feel this. They want it, and talk about it all the time. They want to feel this depth of love. But for many, they won't stretch or take the chance. Sure, it's easy to do the same things and it is comfortable, but by doing so it may not lead you to what you are looking for.

So many times you may meet someone that isn't the norm of what you have been used to in past. They may work in a profession that is different, or may be older. They may be younger, or taller, heavier or skinny. They may not make as much money as you or maybe they do. Maybe, not as attractive as you are used to, and maybe more so.

Just maybe, taking the chance on someone different will provide you with a love that provides you with the moments that take your breath away. Social status and financial well being are great but it may never provide you those moments in life that you literally take your breath away and you will cherish for all times.

Taking a chance just might provide you with a love you read about in fairy tales, because it does happen, and love is the power. Just think that making the same decisions with the same kind of people you let into your life.

Love is the power, and those who have felt this will tell you that chance they took on someone that wasn't the norm for them, turned out just great.

Doing the same thing, over and over again, will produce the same results. Right? Take a chance and stretch. You may never know what you are missing, as love remembers.

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