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Love Relationships That Fail

Love relationships that fail are not uncommon. In fact, much more common then you might think, unless you are the one going through one, and feel like you are the only one going through this. And if you have ever experienced this in your life, you know it is the worse pain in the world. And one that doesn't end, at least for not a long time.

Because of the depth of the pain that affects your entire body, it makes a lot of people swear off relationships, or at least for a while, as they can't bare experiencing that kind of pain again. But we go back. Yes, we go back for more until we find the one. The one that works, the one that stays, the one that looks like it will last. But does it?

Whether you look at marriage or people who live in other love relationships, the statistics are not good here, we all know. and for second time relationships, the odds are even worse. Why? For many reasons really, so let's talk about them.

If you ask someone if they have ever been in love, no doubt you will get the reply, yes. But was it love? People today use this term loosely, and should probably say like, but is what we do these days. But the word loves means unconditional, and unmeasurable. That means their are no conditions that will remove the love you have for this person. (of course I am not talking about abuse) But is that we get really? Are we all liars? I tend to think so, for the most part.

When we meet our partner in love relationships, we feel things that are indescribable. We are happy and horny all the time. A good combination. We enjoy just doing nothing with that person and their shear presence makes us happy.

This person gives us such joy and are there for us all the time. It has nothing to do with being a needy person, but the person that you are going through life with, and that one you support, no matter what.

This feeling stays for a while. And for some quite awhile. But for most if not all, those special feeling you felt at the beginning are not as strong, but you still love the person.

In love relationships, life affects us all, we all will go through many things, good and bad, that our partner will share with us on our journey through life. And it is a journey. But we let life get a hold of us and fail to keep the love and romance alive. Why is that so hard? It takes two to fall in love and it takes two to keep it going.

Yes, I know many times you are tired, and you become comfortable with the idea that this person is with you, and you don't need to be so affectionate anymore, or keep yourself groomed properly, you gain weight, aren't as interested in their day, and so on. So we take each other for granted. Why? We fell in love with this person and thought they would be the one forever.

So if things get a little crazy, why is it that you start to think, I'm not sure if I love this person as much as I thought? We are a fickle society and believe variety is the spice of life it seems.

I think everyone that commits to each other, in one form or the other, has to stay with that person for the rest of their lives and it was against the law to separate. If that was done, I am sure that the word love would be used far more carefully in the expression of ones feelings for another person. But isn't that the way it's supposed to be anyway in love relationships.

And as years pass, do you ever have the passionate sex you used to have. Have you bothered to try and spice things up a little? Have you tried to experiment with toys and positions that would make you both feel like kids again? You haven't? Why not?

Do you remember how you felt for each other in your love relationship when you first met? Why not keep that fire burning?

We all are different. Every man is different from every other man and every woman is different then every other woman. We are all individuals. Some are sexy and some not so much. Some like to dance and some not so much. Some are quiet and some not so much, and the list goes on.

You know what makes your mate happy in this love relationship. You know. Does he like to feel needed? Does she like to feel desired? Do either of them like to feel important? Do either of them like to be told they are loved? Do either of them like to love you sexually? And I could on and on. So if you know your partner, why aren't you providing them with the things they love? Why?

Has life beat you up enough that you don't care to provide the wants and desires of your partner? And if so, and you want to call it quits, and you find other love relationships, what makes you think this won't happen again? After all, you quit once and didn't want to participate in the happiness of your partner before?

I don't like to say that love relationships are a job. Who needs another job? And you shouldn't have to think you are working on anything. It should come naturally, and you should desire to make your partner happy, and they for you.

Too many times things get a little tough, and everyone wants to walk away. I can hear everyone saying, I'm not putting up with this shit anymore! What shit? Its life my friend. Learn to depend on each other for all that life has to throw at you. Don't get frustrated and throw away your love relationships because of hard and difficult times. Someone will end up hating the other and walking away. And it will come as a surprise, no doubt.

Many people don't leave love relationships that are not working mostly for money reasons, and or children. So if you don't start respecting each other, giving each other what they are missing, one day, when least expect it, when the money is found or the kids are grown, someone is leaving. And now you get the pain of heartbreak to deal with. It's terrible to see love relationships turn into unrequited love

You need to remember how you once felt about this love relationship. You need to remember how you gave each other all they wanted and desired when you first fell in love. As it says on the top of every page here, love remembers.