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One Of You Loving More Then The Other?

In your relationship with your significant other, do you find that one of you is loving more then the other? Is that ok? That's just natural you say?

Well, maybe not. Many times you can actually see the difference in the love one person has for another. So how does that affect this relationship? You both should feel like you got a good deal. If not, there will be doubts and questions that will haunt you. And that is no way to live in a loving relationship.

The person that loves more will get pure joy in doing for the other. They will cherish the time they have together, along with loving that person with such passion. They will do nice things for the person the love so dearly. But this person will probably always wonder how long before the day when the other person says, "we need to talk".

Not a very good feeling really. I mean you know that person loves you, but to what degree?

For the person that loves their partner, but not quite as much or quite as deeply, has their doubts also. They too are haunting. They love their partner, truly. But when the other does loving things, it may seem as it is too much. Or, the things they do are annoying sometimes. As many of their friends may say to them, "I wish my man did that for me", it doesn't trip your trigger.

For the person that doesn't love as deeply, you have to ask yourself, "why am I here"? Or, "do I want to be here"? This person who loves you to the bone, you are not really appreciating.

Look at all these questions that arise. Do you want to keep on living like this? Or, maybe it's not so bad. You really do love the other person after all, just not as deeply.

Is there perfection in relationships? Nothing is perfect. But relationships are the life blood for most. You are sharing your journey in this time you have on this earth. You will experience joy, laughter, pain, sorrow, tears, along with many more emotions including depending on each other.

Is it possible for both people to feel equally in love? I think so, and in doing so they love and appreciate each other in a different way. A more complete way.

Yes, as we all are different people, we all love in different ways. Some people are more emotional then others. They feel love down to their very soul. Others know that they love that other, but are not that emotional of a person, and don't show this love. It doesn't mean they don't love each other equally, but love differently.

Is your relationship one sided? And of so, is it because that you love differently and that's all, or is it that you don't love this person that much?

If you find that your love is really not there as it should be, then why do you continue to string this person along? And how long will you do this for? Loving more then another can be complicated.

And loving more has nothing to do with the loss of passion after years together. Passion subsides some after a lot of years together. That feeling of love and passion when you first meet, and for some time after, is seductive. But what I am speaking about is loving more. Even if the passion has dropped a little, are you finding that one of you is loving more then the other?

Did you ever love this person completely? Don't string someone along when you don't love them, and you find it is all a matter of convenience, because love remembers.

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