...love remembers


Memories truly are, as the song goes, pressed between the pages of our mind. They are there forever, even when you don't want them to be. Your history, good and bad, is stored in your mind so that you may reflect on your life. It chronicles your life and times, and when reflecting, it brings both sadness, and happiness.

Reflecting on memories can be a good thing. You can remember where you have been in your life, and lessons learned along the way. It also brings joy to your heart, and many times laughter, although sometimes sadness.

As life moves forward,it is still nice to reflect now and then. Even happy times that you fondly remember, should still be tempered. You can't go back, there are no do overs, and you will not relive these moments ever again.

In sad situations, this is good. But the problem is, the memories can't be erased. I think we all wish they didn't remember more then a few things in their lives. No matter what though, they are here to stay. The good thing is, that with your life moving forward and you keeping busy with your life, many memories just get stored. They don't go away but for many they are not brought to the forefront of our minds on a daily basis.

But now and then as we go about our daily lives, there is a trigger. Something like a smell, a song, a word, a phrase, that brings a memory back to you in an instant. You may say to a friend, I haven't thought of that in years! With some reflecting, you relive a moment in time.

But today, with all the advanced technology, there is help out there for those who struggle with some sad memories. I wrote a little about memories on my page love and antidepressants. Not that they are necessary a cure all, but as many blunt emotions, even if you think about something sad, you really won't care when you do remember.

But as this site is about love and love letters, I am writing about those emotional memories of love. You know what I mean, don't you? Things that are thought about that you just as soon forget. The pain of heartbreak in never forgot, just as any other memory. These can bring sadness generally. If it is a memory, it means you are not with the person any longer. And on a good note, that can be a good thing!

Still, these things are just part of life and there is no escaping them. But we can control our own mind. We can repress sad memories and store them way back where they don't come to you. You have to practice, but when something comes to you that you would not like to think about, when the thought comes, it should be a trigger for you to switch your thoughts to something else, rather then ponder on these memories.

There is no future in the past. But as humans, we go there sometimes. And now and then it's nice to reflect on good or bad. Even in bad, there probably was lessons learned, maybe has made you stronger, or more understanding.

If in a love relationship, if you have memories of something you may have done to someone in the past that you never owned up to, this site can help you with sending a letter to lost love. You don't have to include you name or any personal information. Some do, and some don't.

But sometimes there are things that may have haunted you for many years and you never said "sorry". Maybe opportunities never presented themselves. Now it's here, and you should get this off your chest. Keeping things bottled up inside is not good for anyone. Even if today you are living a blessed life, saying sorry for something you have done is the right thing to do, as love remembers.