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Natural Attraction - Lost In Logic

Natural attraction sound really simple, doesn't it? What is there to explain? If you are naturally attracted to someone, "it is what it is". But what is so natural, or human, we tend to ignore and find the relationships we have many times, don't work out. It worked so easy as children when we had a crush on someone in our classroom. But we got older, and logical.

Natural attraction is something you cannot deny. Well maybe you can deny it, but it's there whether you like it or not. How many times have you met someone, got to know them a little, and thought to yourself, I like this this person, a lot! You found this person trips your trigger!

"Attraction is not a choice".

David DeAngelo

But even with this natural attraction you seem to have with this person, you deny this feeling. You deny this feeling because what would your friends say? The person is on the heavy side, or on the thin side. Maybe the person is a little short, or even a little too tall. Maybe the person's job isn't fascinating, or they don't make that much money. My goodness, what would your parents say? OK, so they are not attractive in the true sense of the word, but somehow, you are attracted to them. What would people think of me?

We talk ourselves out of this natural attraction as we try and conform with society. And you talk yourself out of even thinking about it. Then you say to yourself, "how could I even think this"? And yes, you move on. You deny yourself this and you have no idea what you have just passed by.

Do you have to use logic? Of course you do.

You can't deny natural attraction because it is just there. Period. Our bodies just do what they do, naturally. Many times, if you meet someone that you find attractive, the other person will act like there is nothing there at all. That may indeed happen, but in many cases, for whatever reason, they will find you naturally attractive also. But will not show it, and deny it's happening to them.

We logically want things, or could say we have a shopping list of all the attributes we want in a person and we don't settle to we get what we want. Unfortunately, relationships don't work like that. Not lasting ones anyway. Did you ever meet someone with all the qualities that you ever wanted in a person to only find that you were NOT naturally attracted to them? They just don't trip your trigger! So you filled you shopping list, only to find that you are not really happy with what you just bought.

It's like dating sites, where someone says that the person they are looking for has to be financially secure, a certain height, someone that makes them laugh, smart, a certain height, a certain weight, and the list goes on and on. Who doesn't want it all? But you'll find that will all the attributes you find in a person, they may not be a natural fit. You have to balance these two emotions in your life, an not be one sided. If you do, you will be happy.

Because a person that you are naturally attracted to doesn't fit the norm, it doesn't mean that you should walk away from this person. Life together, and being naturally attracted to your partner, chances are will give you the longevity you desire.

Is it just one person that can make you feel that way? Of course not, as there are many, many people in this world that you could feel such an natural attraction to. Don't treat your relationship like a business, because it's not.

And you can be attracted to many people, but the difference is when you are naturally attracted, you will know it, and feel it for many years to come. If you deny these feelings, even if would have never thought of you two together, you’ll be slighting yourself, and your potential partner of wonderful opportunities for love, and extreme pleasure.

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