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Older Women Dating Younger Men

Roles have reversed these days and now it's the older women dating younger men. Guys, you will have to just deal with it, just like they dealt with it when older men dated younger women. You see a lot less of that today.

But years have passed and a fifty year old woman doesn't look like they did twenty years ago. At least most don't. These women are more empowered and many don't depend on men for their financial security.

They are not in those times when women didn't have many choices. They exercise, are healthier, sexier, and are at their sexual peak. Some people call them cougars. But they are just really independent women.

With the advent of technology, there is new, make up, plastic surgery, botox, natural beauty, and if add the desire for them wanting to be the best they can be, they are s-e-x-y!!

Give me an older woman any day. I think they are hot! And guess what? They don't want men their age! Men their age are starting to age, and it is showing. Receding hair lines, a beer belly or more for many, lack of zest for life, a for many E.D. Today's woman wants to be satisfied and a limp member is not going to cut it.

They want the stamina and firmness of a younger man. And sure it's play time for many, but many will marry that younger man. Let's face it, men die almost ten years before women, and stay generally healthier. SO older women dating younger men makes sense doesn't it?

Let's not get mad at these creatures because the look good, are sexy, and have a sexual appetite that would probably kill you. They will keep this younger man happy too. The are mature, have jobs, and have been through life so they have a lot to offer a younger man. And I am sure they will teach these younger men a few tricks.

Much bitterness arises as women leave or divorce men their age. But what was it you didn't know or see about your partner? Where you a bump on the log? Didn't want to go and do very much? Did you take care of yourself physically and emotionally? Can you see why it would make sense older women dating younger men?

Go get those spots removed from your face, go to the gym, get a hair transplant, and if you have E.D. it is the start of heart disease. So you need to get healthier and get back that spark, that look, that hardness. And don't be a prude. In the bedroom you might want to try some new positions, even some crazy ones! Vibrators, eatable panties, and a lot of KY.

Life is short, and as many of these women have had your children, wore themselves ragged with all the daily chores and responsibilities, it is time to enjoy some of these youthful years before they go away for good. And they are going to go!

If you have been lucky enough to have your "better half" stay around, you better give her a reason to stay even longer. If you don't, there will be plenty of men that would be more then happy to keep her happy. Probably younger ones though. Older women dating younger men seems to work.

Women have always been the gender that kept themselves looking nice. A man would go out in public wearing anything and looking really bad, but not a woman. Times have changed. Take care of yourself, stay in shape, be concerned about your appearance, because the more you look like a slob, the chances are she is already thinking, "what the hell was I thinking"?

And although we may say "older women dating younger men", these women don't even consider themselves "older", but rather "better".

What you are seeing these days with older women dating younger men will grow. Watch and see. Marriage is tough. And the whole premise of two people staying together for fifty years, and liking it, is even more of a stretch. Partners years ago did stay together for the most part. But it wasn't like there were no issue's in their marriage, as it was kept quiet. It was taboo to get a divorce. Leaving a spouse is the norm anymore, let's face it.

Many people have at least one ex. Well, they say variety is the spice of life. Many couples have sex with other couples, or invite a third to enter their bedroom, and so on. So older women dating younger men is really quite normal.

The problem with separating or divorcing is two fold. First, whatever that has been accumulated together is now separated. Not a great position to be in financially, unless you are very well to do. Who wants to give up that security that was painstakingly achieved? Then there is old age. If you are lucky enough to get through without health problems, you are still older. Nothing you can do about it. It would be nice to have someone there with you during these years.

But as humans, the "yearn" for lust, new love, satisfying sex, excitement, and variety, will drive us to say "the hell with it" and go after what makes us feel good. Remember, life is short.

Older women dating younger men? For sure a reality. And as years pass, you may find that will be the norm, and people may get married under this pretext more then not.

Give the sexy woman you have at home a reason to stay. Find you zest for life, and take care of yourself. Your competition gets younger every day as you get older. The desire for younger men to be with an older women is growing and growing. But with your desire to want to make her feel good, letting her do so, and even doing things you may have never imagined, just go ahead and do it! She will love you for it, appreciate it it, as love remembers.

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