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Open Relationships

Open relationships still today are a taboo subject by many. It just doesn't compute to the masses. Yes, marriage can be boring at times, but this is off the wall, right? How can you share your partner, sexually, with another man or woman?

I have read many articles on both point of views. I know today there are many more open relationships, and open marriages, then days gone by. Sex, and sexuality seem to be much more accepted then ever before in our history. Just look what they show on TV compared to just ten years ago.

To me, it seems as though sex becomes a part of entertainment, rather then a part of a relationship. Yes, you like or love the person you are with, but both of you want your cake and eat it too. And if works, great. I just don't know how jealously doesn't become a factor in it? I'm just old I guess.

I come from a time where your wife was revered, and you were lucky to have her. It was a time where sex was not so accepted as it is today, and your partners body was sacred. It was a part of a woman that she gave only to those she loved.

But there is the part of the swingers, and still a little taboo, that love each other but enjoy sex so much, they want to have it others too. And there are many takers! They can detach themselves emotionally, as sex is not an emotion it seems but rather fun and entertaining.

You may ask yourself, how can that be where no one gets jealous in open relationships? Lets face it, many of fights by men and women have been started when someone else gets a little to close.

I have met many many people in my day and I can tell you that we are all so different. When it comes to love and relationships, we are even more different. We all look at things in a different way.

You may think these people are deviates? On the contrary. Most are just people you work with, in all professions, rich and poor, young and old, but enjoy sex to it's fullest.

And with the main street acceptance of porn, I think everyone has thought about trying open relationships and some of those things, and they do say variety is the spice of life.

Then there are those that think it's wrong, but without admitting it, it does cross their mind now and then. Some say with swinging together, there is no cheating. They both get fulfilled, fantasies met, and otherwise live a normal life with bills, kids, grocery store shopping, and the rest of it.

Some are more open about open relationships, but generally it is kept withing their circle. But is it right or wrong? I don't think anyone can really answer that. The real answer is, to each his own. Who are we to judge? Some say, don't knock it till you try it.

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