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Passionless Marriage

A passionless marriage is the beginning of the end. One way or another you will leave that relationship, physically or emotionally. Either way you still left. Some will say, you put too much emphasis on passion. I say you are nuts! Ask the experts.

Passion for one another is a wonderful and irreplaceable thing. Even when you get older and have been married for many years, the passion for one another should be there.

Now I'm not talking about over the top "monkey sex". LOL I'm talking about passion. That yearn for one another, that insatiable feeling when that person is near you and when they are not. That feeling when you look at them that never goes away.

Passion, that when you are together you can't literally keep your hands off each other. You touch each other, a kiss that still rings with joy, a feeling I can't describe if you don't have any passion with your partner.

Many times we get into ruts, with the demanding work schedules, kids, other responsibilities, and being dead tired. The love is there, and so is the passion, but you both are trying to get through another day. That's when it's time to take a time out from life. You need a few days to yourselves if at all possible, or call a relative if possible to take the kids for a couple of days so you both can have some time together.

Let the house go. No one is going to die because it's a little dirty. Display the emotions you always feel but literally don't have the time for.

And even of you can't do that. and no matter how tired, go for it anyway. An unhappy marriage is the worse thing to have. You love each other, but you forgot to take the time to enjoy each other. Passionless marriage results in anger, despair, and depression. Some will live with, and some won't.

Some will leave, even if they can't afford to, just to get out of it and find passion again. The ones that stay are just miserable all their lives, but stay because they love the other.

You can't grow passion. You can't make it happen either. It's like love, and you can't make yourself love someone. It just has to be there. If you love each other and are in a passionless marriage, then one of you is being loved fifty percent. The person who is passionless about you is probably pretty happy, but you are missing what love is all about.

It's easy to start over if you are younger, but for many that are older it can be a difficult thing to do, although many more older people are doing just that. Leaving!

Trying to explain to your partner what you are missing, and you feel like you are a passionless marriage, may be difficult. They won't understand, because they don't feel passion for you, but love you. They think that kind of passion is only in the movies, but that is not so.

A passionless marriage is a sad state of affairs. But no one knows it but you. I read where if you go for professional help they try and find out what is wrong with the affected partner. What is blocking their emotion for their partner? Is it the partner or something that they can't show?

People who are passionate will tell you that in no way they would stay in a passionless marriage. No way! That's because that is part of their being and they no that life with someone without passion for them is not worth it. Love or no love.

But again reality strikes for many that have a financial difficulties. Not so easy to start again is it? Some say with professional help that the patient can be relieved of what is holding back this emotion, and you can both start a new life passion filled life with each other.

Life is short. And going through life with someone that loves you but actually feels no passion for you is sad. You're damned if you do leave, and you're damned if you don't. How do you leave someone you love? Try and confront your partner and talk about it. It may be something deep seated that you can bring out.

Although many people desire this passion, there is something to be said about a tried, true, and loyal relationship. They are really hard to find. Wouldn't it be nice to have both? Try and fix a passionless marriage, because love remembers.

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