...love remembers

Risking It All For Love

You have heard of stories about risking it all for love. But why you ask? In relationships where things don't work it, people start to get a negative outlook on love. Do you blame them? Not really given the hurt and pain that goes with unrequited love.And if it has happened to you more then once, you really become negative.

In relationships where it didn't work out for two people, the one who was still in love, may have been risking a lot for that person, only to be rejected after. It leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

After dalliances in relationships, where one gives all they have inside, and gets rejected, will hold back in the future where matters of the heart are concerned. In their next relationship, if they allow themselves to have one, they will not give all of themselves as they are afraid they will be faced with unrequited love again.

But where does that leave anyone? We all try to protect ourselves, which is common sense, but to what degree. As we all know, the love that works, that sense of being "comfortable" with someone, The "bond" that you seem to share, is a feeling that cannot be duplicated in life. And if you don't give "all of you" what is there to be gained by this relationship. Being gun shy has its disadvantages.

So does the person who swears they will never give all of themselves again, after being hurt so bad, actually hold back? Or, is the natural tendency to try and hold back, but end up giving your all anyway? I think it depends on the person.

But, with all of us knowing the pains, the devastation, of risking it all for love, we shouldn't hold back because of the fear of unrequited love. We all know this feeling of love all too well. Nothing on our earth can compare to it. So we continually strive for it, although we may not tell our friends or family about the need we have for this thing we call love.

Risking it all for love "IS" worth it! And if you don't, you may be letting this person, this one, this love, go forever. Not a good idea, is it? Does it make sense to not take a risk in love? Love is about rejection and not for the faint of heart. If you have fears of rejection, relationships are not where you want to be as they happen. It's as simple as that.

But look at the up side negative Nelly. What if risking it all, works out! Can you imagine the shear joy and happiness that you will feel for the rest of your life! Don't miss that person for the rest of your life, and take a risk!

If you are not risking it all for love, then you are not experiencing life. The complete and utter joy and happiness awaits you, by risking it all for love, because love remembers.