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Room Mates

How Did We Get Here?

How did we become room mates? I'm sure that is a question that many people ask themselves. I thought we were lovers? Right? What happens to us? We were so in love you say. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other! We actually enjoyed each others company.

I usually say life happens. And is basically the same answer, but with a twist. We let life do this to us. We live in the same house or apartment. We do wash, clean up our messes, do laundry, watch TV a little, and then go to bed because there is work in the morning.

What happened to doing all those things, but when we did them, we gave each other a stare, a touch, a kiss? Do we cuddle on the couch to watch TV anymore? Probably not. If we cuddle, does it turn into passion and sex? Probably not. Do we say to ourselves that it was different before? I am very sure! Are you tired to express your love, or even feel love, for your partner?

Do we keep in shape for the love of our life? I'm sure their is a few extra pounds laying around somewhere between you two. I am sure. Do you care? Probably not.

So what happened to US? How did we become room mates, and not lovers? Of all things, room mates! Do we even find each other attractive anymore? I mean horny attractive when you look at them? And if the answer to that is yes, then why aren't we making love to one another? Are we just room mates?

Sure, I know the love for one another is there, or should I say I hope it is, but it is sexual? Is it exciting? Is it hard to keep your hands off of each other? Do you stay healthy, fit, look attractive for your partner? How many of these did you answer "no" to?

So we are room mates then? What happened? Sure, life happened, and then you both took each other for granted. And you both failed to keep the love and lust alive.

So you say, there is no time. What you do with your time is up to you. Where is your priority? No, really think about it. Sure, I know and you know that love changes. We don't feel "that way" as much anymore. It's a love that becomes deeper. The initial love that happens when chemicals in our body go crazy goes away.

But does that give us the right to not keep ourselves attractive? When you go out in public, would you have dressed this way when you first started dating? Because you are with each other, is it all right not to show each other affection?

Does anyone even give you a second look when you are out in public? If not, have you left yourself go that much? If you're not getting a second look at home, are you liking the second look in public?

See what I mean? Yes, life can be a bear sometimes. And we all strive to be happy. Happy is what you make it. Make the time and effort to love your partner. But also, make the time and effort to love yourself and take care of yourself, and your partner. Physically and romantically. What fun is room mates?

If you are already just room mates, you need to correct that. NOW! Because room mates move on. You know that, right? Room mates leave and find a mate that loves them, because... love remembers.

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