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Searching For Love

Searching for love seems to be the past time for every adult on the planet. Really! We are emotional beings programmed to find a mate, but more then that, in this day and age, we search for a life partner. Someone to share this ever so short journey we call life.

Yes, on the subject of love there are more books, poems, and movies about lost love and broken hearts then the good outcomes. And even on this site, there are more pages about loss, hurt and pain, then joy.

We go on searching for love every moment of every day like animal searching for food for mere survival. It encompasses us totally and we are relentless in our pursuit. But why, when we know the odds of it working are not good, and with this gamble, someone will end up in terrible, terrible pain?

We know what love feels like from the time we are a child. Sure, not romantic love, but love nevertheless. The feeling of love puts a smile on our face, a bounce in our step, a brighter complexion, a better outlook on life, butterflies in our stomach that we love to feel, not to mention the touch from our partner that sends us to the moon.

Teddy Pendagrass, a world famous soul singer died recently. he was my favorite artist with the love ballads he would sing. His voice, his rhythm, and lyrics that would make anyone melt. I will miss him. He sang a song called "When somebody loves you back" that comes to mind as I am writing this. A piece of the lyrics went "it's so good, loving somebody when somebody loves you back, and that's a fact".

Never truer words spoken! This is why we go on searching for love. I don't care how many problems you have, or how poor you are, you will always feel good knowing you have someone to truly love and they love you back, unconditionally.

This journey we are all on cannot be appreciated without someone to share it with. We search everywhere don't we? We give everyone we pass a second look, just wondering if there is any chemistry and if they are the one. We search high, and we search low. At the grocery store, at the ball game, in the bar, at he video store, we leave no stone unturned.

We put as much energy as humanly possible to find the one. And we know that we may get hurt by doing this. Hurt bad, as many have. But even with that possibility of pain, hurting for what may be years, sadness and despair, we still will go back, after we heal, and look again.

Love is something that really cannot be explained for the fools that it makes us sometimes, but we all want it. And these days, love can be more elusive then ever. We would do anything to feel this feeling, this emotion that is love. That's why the famous saying came to be, "better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all".

Just to experience it for awhile is better then never experiencing it. You cannot compare this feeling to anything on earth. So we are constantly searching for love.

If you are lucky enough to find love, live every day with your new found love as though it was your last, as it very well may be, and love remembers.

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