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Seasons Of Life

Dealing with loss is sometimes referred to as going through seasons of life. Just like nature, we all go through seasons, and changes in our lives we have to go through as we age. In love, and in life, why do we feel sometimes, past disappointments, so strongly? And then again, there are things we used to care about, that we don't any more, and some desires become stronger? As this is common, why sometimes do they seem stronger then others? It is the seasons of life.

You soul is where you feel a sense of loss. In our past, the relationships, all relationships, that were deep and impacted us and our soul seem to stay with us forever. These relationships create very deep thoughts and feelings that come from our hopes and dreams. And many of these feelings sometimes give us a depressed feeling. Feeling low, and out of sorts. You don't feel happy and it doesn't seem to go away.

But we have to keep moving as this is what life does. We have to get ourselves through these difficult times so that we may enjoy life and let go of negative thoughts and memories and replace them with positive ones.

This is a time for reflection. This is one of your seasons of life that you need time alone with yourself. You may have known friends or family to do this. You see them quiet, a little reserved. They keep to themselves as they seem to be contemplating life. We need these quiet times with ourselves sometimes. When you're ready you will re-enter the world again.

And when its your time to re-enter the world, this is part of your seasons of life too. A time that you have come to terms with issues, and you are ready to move forward.

It is vitally important to take life's never stopping demands. You need to think about the source of what makes you feel down and find the solution to feel good again. Each of us go through these seasons in life and learn to adapt to this ever changing world.

Don't rush yourself. Many people try to push themselves for a date to proceed. There is no date. When you are ready, you will join our ever changing world at peace. We are human and sometimes the trials and tribulations of life get to us. And as we age, and go through different seasons in our lives, so does our priorities. Take time to digest all of this and come back stronger.

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