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To send love letters allows us to be secretive about who we are but gives us the ability to tell someone that we love them. Maybe even after all these years.

Love remembers. And you will carry with you the past loves in your life and reflect on these from time to time. But for the special ones you need to send love letters just for you.

Your life has gone without this person as years have passed and you will always remember the one that got away. Or, it may have been the two of you were truly meant to be, but because of something that happened, you broke up.

You both probably still think of one another and it's time to say I'm sorry, or I wish we could have got passed this, or I think of you. Sometimes you have to get these things off your chest, like on Post Secrets. Some of the most private things in the world get posted in just a line or two. Have you ever thought that if you could send a love letter you would? Are they love letters that you feel you have to? Life is so short and time goes by quickly. And you may say to yourself that one day, I would like to get this off my chest. But sometimes our lives are cut short by accidents or illness. Don't wait till it's too late and send you love letters today. The conditions that a letter can be posted here. You can write what you would like, however, we will not post anything with last names. Use a first name or initial only. We will not post anything with profane language, or anything that may be considered threatening. And that's it. Please allow about seven days to post. We sincerely hope that person other finds your posting. All entries will be broken down into State/Providence as they accumulate. As entries accumulate, they will further be broken down by city when posted.

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