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Separation Risks Your Health

Separation risks your health, is the topic written by Pat WingertBarbara Kantrowitz, and a new study shows that couples who split face health risks.

We all, or most people anyway, have gone through the pain and heartache of breakup, separation, or divorce. And as many professionals will tell you that the separation of a loved one in your life is something like experiencing the grief of a loved one passing, although I know that is the ultimate grief one can bare.

This separation risks everything. Losing this loved one in your life will beat you to a pulp, physically and mentally. And although the person that leaves you feels the grief of a failed relationship it is said, all in all, I think they fair better then the person that is left behind.

This type of loss ravages your soul. It cuts to the bone and makes the functioning of daily life almost unbearable. The trauma of such an event affects you, and your body, intensely. Sure, we all have emotional things happen in our life. We get mad at this person, or someone takes advantage of you, or office politics hurt you, and on and on.

These things that happen to us in life do take us down a notch emotionally. And for some, it is hard to "let go" of these things and people carry them around for a long time, if not forever. As we are all different people, some can survive these instances better then others.

But their is something about the that is made between two people. The life experiences, the memories, the depending on one another, that stays with us. For two people separation risks the feeling of permanent loss that many can never recover, as this feeling will always be there in your life.

As time passing seems to lessen this pain, for the most part it will always be with you. Although there are people who will tell you that you need to "let it go" and to "move on", some people are made "harder" then others. I think you already know that some people love deeper then others, so it seems. They are not as emotionally sensitive then others.

Separation risks all that we know and with the unrelenting pain associated with this, it has to affect your health, and now thereis proof of it.

Is togetherness easy all the time? Of course not. And they say variety is the spice of life, but to what end? We all are different people, and as life goes by, we grow and change as individuals. You hope that as you grow, your partner grows with you. Is love enough? Overwhelmingly the answer seems to be no. So as life goes on, help your partner to grow with you and not exchange them for a new model.

We know how separation risks our emotional health. Now we find that physical health is also threatened in the long term. These decisions are yours to make, so make good ones, as love remembers.

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