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Soul Mates

The term soul mates is a term that is used way too often for what it really is. If you have ever found this person, you will know what I am saying. For most people, falling in love is a wonderful feeling. One that lights up your life. But finding your true love, is a feeling that is difficult to put into words. I have found mine, and want to tell you what it really is.

This person is more then a person you truly love. You love them down to the deepest depths of your soul. They are, and become one with you. One that you love so deep that honestly without them, it would be difficult to continue with your day. You feel their presence even when you are not physically with them. You are never alone no matter how physically far away you are.

You look forward seeing and being with them every day, no matter how long you have been together. You call one another often, and no matter what you are doing, as long as you are together, you are the happiest you have ever been. All the time! A person that listens to your every word, a person who needs to be with you as if they were the thing that actually gives you life.

You respect each other, along with their independence, their individuality, and their space. But to the enth degree. Your passionate love that you have is always playful and sexy. Your sex feels like that you actually have become one heart beating, one body functioning, and if given a choice in this moment, there is nowhere on earth they would rather be at this time, then with you.

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When you touch each other holding hands, brushing up against them, you feel their love coming through their body into yours.You will generally find that when they find each other, their lives together are different then their friends in love. You can actually see their love for each other. They are different. If you can see this in anyone you know, you can understand what I am saying here. It's just different.

I'm not putting down the love that most people have for each other. It's great, wonderful, and a terrific place to be. But it's not a soul mate relationship. A soul mate relationship is a "BOND" that is not deniable.

When someone finds their soul mate, they are consumed by the love they share. But as in life, sometimes they part. Not that they weren't soul mates, but sometimes misunderstandings, and pride, can be the destruction of a wonderful bond. How do they live a happy life apart you ask? Mostly they don't! Soul mates are true love. In love, or finding your soul mate, you should never let silly things destroy your love. And everything is silly! Don't let misunderstandings, or pride, or you friends for that matter, destroy something that you know that was meant to be, as love remembers. Her site is great and I have personally enjoyed reading her work.I know you will too.

Words can convey feelings, but there is nothing like contact to make a connection.

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One little touch, to me means so very much,about the way that you care, about the things that we share.One little glance, O yes it may be a chance,but then I do need to know: that you still care for me so.One little touch, O yes it does mean so much.

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