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Staying Single

Staying single used to be a curse most people felt. An unfortunate circumstance many would say. But times and our world have changed quite a bit, if you haven't noticed.

The sexual freedom today would have been shocking twenty years ago, but not today. Also, at one time you would never see a younger man with an older woman, but today it is slowly becoming the norm.

Living single is also a part of life that is starting to change for what it used to be many years ago. People are so more are aware of life and realizing how short it really is. Also, becoming self-centered and worrying primarily about yourself has become liberating for many.

In many circumstances people who have married or have had long term relationships find that 50% of them are not making it. And what's more, they want more out of life, and are bound and determined to get it.

The more this happens, the more people want it too. At ages especially in the forties but in the fifties also, people are cutting the strings that bind them, and are staying single. Sure they date, and even have significant others, but staying single means happiness to them.

We all know the key to life is happiness. We as couples, or as married people do honestly love our partners. We do. But as times goes on and we find ourselves always making sacrifices for the other, or the family, some get tired of it as we turn the corner on what we hope is the last half of our lives. That's of course, that you don't become ill before you can live the other half, and many do.

It is the nature of things to become boring with a partner, want variety in all forms, including exciting sexual relations with others, and time to yourself. We as couples are still different people individually, and some feel this living life as an individual is more important. Are they right? No one is right here. It has to be right for you.

Many chase the dollar their whole life to have things, work hard, raise families, and basically are just room mates. When fun, happiness, lust, and the loss of your individuality is gone, some want to start over themselves, in their own place, in their own way, and live and let live.

I read an article where it said falling in love was really not all that hard, but many are not opting for this anymore. When their marriage goes bad, they begin a new, staying single, and loving it. They come and go as they please, date or not, and experiment in life pleasures as much and as often as they wish. This makes staying single good for them.

Sure others want someone there to share life with and that's ok. But to each their own. Don't be surprised id this trend continues as many others have.

Still, with all the advantages that this would bring for someone staying and living single, in my opinion, you still can't beat love. If you keep it alive, and truly and unconditionally love your mate, there is no comparison in life to the feeling of loving and being loved that much back, in return, as love remembers.

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