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Taboo Love

Taboo love? What is it these days? So much of unorthodox or hidden love making is slowly being accepted into today's society these days, so where do you stand on the subject?

Or you might ask, What in the world is this article talking about? Taboo love is the act of you and your partner performing in ways that you may have considered at one time to be deviant, or maybe something you have secretly dreamed about.

Sexual practices today are more open, and more accepted then ever before. These topics years ago were not spoken of. Not even porn videos of yester-year didn't not even go there. And now today, experimentation is the new topic of discussion.

We are beings that desire pleasure and there are plenty of people wanting to find more and toys that are beyond the imagination. So we'll take a little over view today about taboo love.

One of the things that gets quite a lot of attention under the topic of taboo love is "swinging". This is where two people who are committed in a relationship desire to have sex with other couples. It may be in their home, or they may go to swing clubs to meet others. There is no shortage of people who experiment in this practice.

Continually having sexual relations with one person after a time bores each other and desire to have sex with others, but not cheat. The other person is there with them. The love each other, and don't want to dissolve their relationship, but desire more on their day off.

People of all ages experiment here. All shapes, sizes, ages, and financial backgrounds. Although many can look at sex as something to heighten their pleasure, and look at it as an activity, many think they can and find they cannot. The moral, and emotional strain is difficult. They are with their partner because they love them and don't want to share them.

Some people who practice this form of taboo love end up separating, and jealously comes into play, and causes problems, while others continue this practice for a life time. Some consider "soft swap" where traditional sex acts are performed, and where each of you are in the same room as if to protect that person, and also they get excited to see their partner being pleased. Then there is the hard swap, where you may venture into another private room and anything goes.

Be careful here, as you both will need to look at this act of taboo love in the same way, or you may end up apart.

Similar to this act of taboo love is the act where the male partner has other men satisfy their partner, sometimes in the room and watching, and sometimes after meeting this stranger and trusting and liking them, they will go out together minus the male partner partner. Not often is done visa-versa.

Another part of taboo experimentation and love making is the inviting of toys in the bedroom with your partner. As common as vibrators are these days for women, many women find this wrong, emotionally uncomfortable, or just plain weird. Also, there is the practice of the male using these vibrators on the female, and her not using it herself. Some men and women love this and others a no- no.

This is not a porn site by no means, but if you have questions or curiosities, seek a porn site and you will be quite amazed of the various love practices of today.

The reason for this article is the subject of variety. As partners, hopefully, spend many years together, it can not as exciting as it used to be. It is good to spice up your relationship using whatever means that make you feel comfortable.

You may find that the person you thought you knew, you don't know very well at all, which can be very exciting. Long term relationships can be difficult at times and spicing things up is a recommendation of many therapists.

Don't go crazy at first, or maybe don't go at all, but as variety is the spice of life, don't close your mind to something that may open your lives to a new way that pleases you both.

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