...love remembers

The Cost of Happiness

The cost of happiness always includes love. The first thing you may think of when I say that is the "financial end" of happiness and love. Not so. As we go through life, it seems everything costs us something. Emotionally, spiritually, or monetarily.

Life is full of choices, especially in the cost of happiness, as you already know. And every choice you make will determine your future. We are all here striving for happiness. And everyone has their own thought of what happiness is to them. What makes me happy is not necessarily going to make you happy, as we are all different.

I don't know anyone that does not believe that love brings them happiness. But what is the cost of happiness when it comes to love? In today's society, money seems to come up more times then not. And as my grandmother used to say, "it's just as easy to love a rich man/woman then a poor one". Well, yes and no.

We all know that many marriages/relationships fall on hard times at home when there are financial troubles. It's not cheap to live in this world of ours. So you are out there and meet someone that you really like. I mean really like! Maybe you have held back saying "I love you" because your "potential" partner doesn't make that much money? But you really do love this person! What to do?

Do you keep on dating? Hold back a little and not get serious? How about if you come from a financially secure upbringing, or a financially secure life of your own, and your partner did not, and does not. In all honestly, you both have lived very different lives. Your views on money, and in life, are honestly a little different, to say the least. But you seem to just "click". You simply love each other despite your differences.

You may have an opportunity to date, and even love someone, that has the financial means to live a nice financially secure life.But you really, really, love another that is not financially secure, and maybe never will be. Do you marry your true love that has no money, or marry the one that you could love and live a much different life? Is that really being a "gold digger" or just a wise decision?

Let's face it, it happens every day! So is the cost of happiness, you always wondering how it might have been with the person not so financially fortunate? For the rest of your life? That's a hell of a cost! And will you be happy? Will you?

And what if you do choose love, over money? What kind of life will you really live? Or will you even live life at all? Think about your life with your true love, always there for one another, a passion that does not die, a hug and a kiss that you feel so lucky to have every day, emotional support that you know that will always be there, and that "comfortable" feeling with one another that someone else just cannot replace. But, the cost of happiness here is a life that you may have to struggle a little, or a lot, all for love?

You will never wonder about your true love as you will be together, but then, will you wonder about the kind of financially secure life you could have led?

See what a mean? It's financial, emotional, and spiritual. What is the cost of happiness? We strive for it, and we yearn for it. When you are young, the years go by so slowly. You think someone who is fifty is ancient! Until you are fifty of course! But as the years seem to go so slow when you are young, they seem to go by so fast as you age.

In the grand scheme of things, we are on this earth for such a small amount of time. And there are no "do overs". Nope! While you are here, there are decisions that you will have to make about love. You don't want separation or divorce if at all possible, and you don't want to deal with a lot of issues if you can help it. You just want to be happy. But what is the cost of happiness? Choose wisely, as love remembers.