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The Game Of Love

Relationships, often referred to as the game of love, is not a game at all. But so many view it as just that, a game. Who plays hard to get, and who tries to make the other jealous, and who dates others so not to commit, and the list and games go on and on.

That's the problem. Love Games should not exist at all, as it is not a game. Why people view it as such, I will never know.

Playing with someone's emotions is cruel. Period. As we all are affected by our emotions in different ways, some more sensitive then others, the game of love is not so much fun when you get hurt. Not a very fun game is it?

When someone walks into your life, it may not be a match made in heaven, no doubt. But leading another person on in order to stop being lonely, boredom with your life, or sex, is really wrong.

There should have never been "the game of love". It's not a game! And for those who view it as such, is someone you don't want to be with anyway. We as humans are wired to share the journey of life with someone. If someone you are dating is just there to use you for whatever it is they want, you need to run and run fast.

Love is serious, and these emotions we start to feel run deep into our soul. To our very core. Love is not a game. It is where you begin to share your most private parts of your life with someone and expecting them to take it seriously, and not as more then their need to have attention. They are self absorbed, and insecure.

When a relationship starts in your life, and the casual dating seems to be over, treat your love with kindness and respect and let the games stop. These games do no more then hurt someone. And why would anyone intentionally hurt someone? Someone that enjoys hurting someone and thinks love is a game, is someone you don't want to know. They have issues of their own they need to resolve.

No matter how you may start to feel about that person, once you realize this about them, you have to move on, as love remembers.

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