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The Healing Of A Hug

The healing of a hug goes a long way. Some people love to get hugs. And then some don't like to be touched as it invades their space. What a crock.

Whether the hug is in happiness, or even sadness, it is emotional. It shows someone cares. It is a way to express how someone feels. It is heart warming.

I come from a full blooded Sicilian family of which hugs and kisses happened all the time. The funny thing is it happened since I was a baby. It was very natural. I must say, the warmth and the love I felt from literally thousands of hugs can never be replaced by words.

People who never grew up with that were always awkward of giving or receiving a hug. They never new the healing of a hug. It's a shame really.

Many people need a hug. Many need the physical contact of a hug, whether they admit it or not. A hug tells someone you care and many people not only need to be told that, but need to feel that.

We are emotional beings. Period! The embrace of another makes you feel good when they walk away. You know that person cared enough to miss you, was worried about you, was happy for you, or simply just loved you.

This world of ours has changed in many good ways, and in some not so good ways. We are all so standoffish to one another.

So, the next time you see someone that cold use a good hug, just walk up and give them one. The warm embrace of a hug is one of the simple gifts we can give each other. And when you get one, don't pat the other on the back, make sure you hug back, as love remembers.

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