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Tingles and Laughter

Are tingles and laughter a part of your relationship? These are the most desired qualities of many people. Can you, or how do you, base a relationship on things that are so physical and emotional? After all, what if the other person doesn't make that much money, or isn't the physical type you thought you would end up with?

People tend to have a grocery list of attributes of what would make the "right" spouse or partner. I guess if we all had to sit down and write one, they would all pretty much sound the same. As long as someone is asking, what the hell, you'll give them your list.

But is it practical? First, I don't anyone who is perfect, do you? Second, even if you found someone close, and there was no tingles and laughter, what do you have? In a business sense you would have the best possible scenario. But in relationships, it is about tingles and laughter.

When you are young, it seems that getting to an older age is so far off. In actuality, it's closer then you think. And when you find tingles and laughter, you better hold on to it. Sure, it's easy to have a type of business/love relationship, but the only one to suffer will be you.

So you ended up with a nice piece of arm candy, a person with a nice job or self employed with a nice title, the financial security that goes along with it, good sex, and not ever feel tingles and laughter.

If you know what I am talking about, then you understand. If not, they you have to experience "the touch." The touch of your partner that makes you tingle. It's caring, loving, and it is as if their love was passing from their hand to your soul.

I'm not talking about someone saying, "I give the best back rubs". It's way beyond that. It's "chemistry." It's a feeling that few can give you. And without it, it is something you will desire for the rest of your life.

Laughter is more then telling a joke. The laughter that you both generate together is calming, loving, and maybe over something stupid. It is an emotion that holds and keeps us close, as if everything is ok.

These emotion are priceless. Experiencing this with another is something that is next to impossible to walk away from, but some do. For he ones that do, I believe that a mistake was made. Whatever the reason you each walked away from each other, and gave up this "bond", I am sure was not thought out.

For those of you that have tingles and laughter in your relationships are the luckiest of them all. You may not have it all, but you possess a chemistry that is undeniable. Don't let anyone go that gives you tingles and laughter, as love remembers.

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