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Walking Away?

But you still love them!

You are walking away, but you still love them? Does that make any sense? Well it does really? It's called self sacrifice. Why do people sacrifice themselves? It's because we love our partner very much?

We enter into relationships or marriage with the greatest love in our hearts for our partner. As years pass, you find that life happens, and now the person that you love, needs to be set free so that they may have a better life. Your partner doesn't want you to leave as they also love you very much, but you feel walking away is for the best.

Sometimes, people have lives that are very difficult. Yes, we are supposed to stay with the person you love in good times and in bad. But sometimes, the bad that happens, you can see is beating down your partner pretty bad. You watch as they fight for strength every day, they are not happy and you can tell, but they put up a good front. Years go by and things in your lives don't get better and this person that you love is existing in a terrible lifestyle.

Most of the time they won't utter a word. Not one complaint. Always supportive, and love you very much. But when you see someone you love beat down pretty bad because of your lives together, you want to make it better, and walking away seems to be the answer.

You know that if you left and they were on their own, they would find a new partner that could give them a happier, productive, and more secure life. Something that you haven't been able to give to the person you love, and maybe never will.

Financial problems are a big cause of this happening, but also health reasons, and sexual dysfunction also play a big part. You may say, that's just life. And you are right, but sometimes when you look at your partner and you may feel you need to do this.

Is this rational thinking you may ask? Well, it may not be rational but sometimes people do these things for the one they love. Heartbreak is inevitable no doubt. But you will find that the person that walks away will be devastated. And chances are this person is bring upon themselves a sacrifice they may not be able to endure.

Walking away from the person you love, no support, no compassion, loneliness, no love in your life, depression, and a multitude of other negative things will happen. The other partner that gets left, or I should say gets their freedom will also hurt very bad, but that healing and time will eventually bring them a better life. Human beings have the ability to love more then one person, and they will find another, smile again, and love life again.

Sometimes, some people, no matter how much they love one another, it doesn't work out. Is it bad luck, bad karma, or just life, who knows? It doesn't make sense does it?

Is it better to keep the love you have and endure what life has dished out, so you both can be sad, or is it better to want more for the one you love, and leave so they begin anew?

Walking away from the person you love is the worse thing life gives us. But I do understand why it is necessary, as love remembers.

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