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Will It Last?

18 months from the promise of forever

Will it last? The one million dollar question we all ask ourselves at a point in our relationships. Lasting is a big deal. right? We all want it to last, but we all face reality too. Plus, by the time your partner breaks up with you, it is said that they knew hey were going to break up with you three months earlier, but just didn't tell you until now.

Love, can be hard, no doubt. As each of us are our own person, we are different from each other. Sure, the first date, the telephone conversations, are initially anyway the falling in lust, or some people might say, love at first site. I'll leave that up to you. But the question that nags probably the both of you is, will it last?

Chances are that at least one of you want it to, but will it? So you have your time and heart invested here, so now what? What will happen?

The eighteen month thing usually will give you the answer you are looking for. You see, initially things seem great, don't they? Time passes and now to all your friends and family, you are an item. Things are going well, and you do the holiday thing of course, and possibly meet some of the family.

You can't believe it, right? It's been months and things are still going well. Can you believe it? You probably haven't spent this much time with anyone, at least for a long time.

A year passes. But since you broke the one year mark, you are quickly approaching the eighteen month mark. Eighteen months together usually makes the point of a successful relationship. Why, I have no idea, but it usually works.

A year and a half together is a big thing. By that time, it works or it doesn't. If you pass this time frame, there is a very good chance that you are going to be in it for the long haul. Congratulations! But, that time from one year to the eighteen month mark can also be heartbreaking. Relationships can be painful, but we all seem to go back for more, until we meet the right one. When it comes to love, we are gluttons for punishment.

One year, or fourteen months, or whatever the number, is a long time to spend with one person, to end up having the relationship fail. And it will be hard to get over for the person experiencing unrequited love, while the other moves to another.

Will it last? Only time will tell for sure. Take your relationship seriously and be honest with each other, as love remembers.

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