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Wisdom Instead Of Obsession

You have to be grown up and smart about all your endeavors with people, and use wisdom instead of obsession when connecting with people. It is imperative that you approach all your relationships, whether they are personal, business, or whatever, with a degree of cynicism because everybody has problems, everybody has an angle, and everybody has their thought of what is best for you. And as well intentioned as people can be, let's face it, we are all a little nuts.

When it comes to romantic relationships, they say love is blind. That's where you lose the wisdom and gain obsession. Love is a drug. Love sets off all these chemicals in your brain to make you feel absolutely wonderful. You've experienced it I am sure. How do you match the feeling of love to anything?

That's the problem with many relationships as they don't use wisdom instead of obsession. How do you say no to the feelings that love brings? The obsession? And when we do, more times then not, someone is getting hurt.

As a couple, you need to be aware of the time they put on the relationship, and be more aware of their rules, issue's and limitations. Use wisdom to grow, or even feel out if you two are really a match. Obsession throws wisdom right out the door.

I am not saying to enjoy partners, or have friends with benefits. I am saying that when you find a person that seems to mesh with you and your personality, that it cannot be just sexual, although it is a needed quality. When you use wisdom instead of obsession, you look at the reality of this relationship moving forward.

Is it working? Are you fighting a lot? Lots of disagreeing? Age difference? Dating out of your league? And many more questions you will need to ask yourself. Obsession does not make good decisions. Wisdom however makes you look at the reality, of which sometimes you don't want to see, as you know you will have to admit the relationship is going nowhere in the grand scheme of things.

Let nature take its course, and if you are starting to go off course, let wisdom instead of obsession take over, and the sooner you realize your relationship is not going to work, the better. As continuing on this path will only guarantee one thing, and that is someone is going to get hurt. It is something you don't want to happen, as love remembers.

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