...love remembers

Women In Their Forties

and fifties

Women in their forties and fifties are the most desirable women without a doubt. Getting women of this age to believe this is the hard part though. Although some do, for the most part it seems that they talk about being older, and say things like "I'm too old", or why would a man want me" or "my body isn't attractive as it used to be", and the list goes on.

Shame on you! Women in their forties are still pups these days. And fifties would be just above it. We age differently these days. If you take care of yourself, correctly use make up and fashion, and work out a little, you are a man's delight. No kidding. And some of you don't need anything at all!

Here are some advantages of dating over 40. Women are more mature. Yes, no silly giggling, no romance games, comfortable with their bodies, and are generally up for all the the things they never have done in the bedroom, and are comfortable with it. Not Bad!

Many are financially independent, generally run the house, and have more energy and a lust for life then men ten years younger. You are smarter, carry great conversation, and have history with yourself to tell some good stories too. You are loyal, generous, don't get stressed out so much about life, and many don't need a man, but would like one, at least now and then.

There are women in there forties that pose nude for a picture, some pole dance, and mostly knows what a man wants.

Why are you so down on yourselves then? A little line here, and a little sag there, and you think you are unable to compete in today's romance world. Not So!

Younger men and older men desire women in their forties and older. These are the best years of your lives and you need to realize it. Now! Today!

This is not the end, but just the middle. For some it's a new beginning and you need to enjoy these moments. Like the song goes, it's not the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.

So, I need you to believe in you, as love remembers.

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