...love remembers

You Just Click

Sometimes you meet someone and you just click! Strange really, as you see and meet hundreds of people every day. You meet them and "feel comfortable". As if you have met them before, as if there is already history between you. You may even ask them, "have we ever met before"? Don't do that though, it sounds like a cheesy line.

Does it happen to everyone, you ask? Actually, no it doesn't. Ask around if you don't believe me. Seriously! Usually you meet someone, and get to them a little, and things take off from there. But in rare occasions, you just click.

There are many views on this subject. Some will say it means you were meant to be together. Some will say you have met your soul mate, or your twin flame.

Still others say, it's no big deal and you both are very compatible people. I don't know what it really means. It would be a nice thought to think you found the person you were meat to be with, as the hopeless romantic I am. But who knows?

Some may blow this off, as it seems to good to be true, and there has to be something wrong with this person. Others will pursue it, enjoy some time together, but really don't want to rush anything, because who wants to get serious or married very early anyway.

Still some will feel like it is a match made in heaven. A person not to let go of, as whether you were looking for someone in your life, or not, life dropped your life partner right in your lap. It can happen at any age really. I am sure you have read stories about two people who met very young and stayed married until they died. You just click!

These chance meetings can be scary too. It can feel too good to be true. You are just going through a normal day, and there they are. You could be just dropping a friend off somewhere, and there they are. It could be a person that you would not normally run in to, but there they are. You just click.

I don't know what you believe in. Is it fate? Some higher power trying to tell you something? A coincidence? Just life? Impossible? I don't know what you call it either, but it does happen! With some people, you just click.

I think some people ignore what is right in front of them. And I can actually see some people just blowing it off. After all, if it sounds to good to be true, ...

What you may be blowing off, is a relationship that many dream of, or that would happen to them. What you may not taking seriously, is that you may end up thinking of this person for the rest of your life.

So if opportunity comes knocking some day, make sure you answer, as love remembers.

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